“Our mission is to create a space and environment that will enhance the commercial potential of each brand and represent the product at its best.”

Sales Management services

Market Prospection
Brand and Product Presentations
Exclusive Showroom Space in Paris Fashion District Dedicated and professional Sales Team
Market Follow Up
Off Season Sales Meetings Worldwide
Organization and Management of In – House Sales Services upon Request

Wholesale and Retail Buisness Planning

Implement Business Strategies Seasonal Budgets and Analysis Merchandising Strategy Planning and Forecasting
Cost and Price Analysis

Marketing and Sales

Brand Strategy
Media Strategy and Outreach Sales Strategy and Outreach Retail, Wholesale and Direct Distribution Strategy
Online Sales, Distribution and Marketing Strategy


“Our showroom is a carefully curated concept space dedicated to finding most exiting and promising talents within fashion industry as well as representing already established brands.”

“We provide global strategic consulting to each of our designers ensuring tailored and targeted objectives.”