IDISM represents a movement of the psychological term ‘id’ meaning the basic human need and desire. Founded in Hong Kong, where we are living under one of the fastest pace in the world. The design duo find it very cold to live under such pace where people lack intimacy and connection. This lead them to the idea of designing garment that create an interaction between their garment and the world where they wish to communicate with their audience through their creation.

Transformation is a key element in each of IDISM’s collections. The key theme not only creates an interaction between the garment and the wearer, but also represents the “Lion Rock Spirit” as “perseverance and solidarity which lead our people to achieve the great socio-economical advancement that transforms Hong Kong into the current cosmopolitan Asian financial centre.

In year 2016, the brand was chosen as one of Vogue’s Talents 2017. While in 2017, the brand was named as one of “The future of Asia” by the media powerhouse YOHO! In China.

IDISM thrive to create a wardrobe that can cooperate with a forward and spontaneous lifestyle. The SS19 collection intend redefine fashion as the hybrid of lifestyle and beauty while challenging the human senses at the same time. True beauty should come from within, a healthy skin tone, loving and minimal lifestyle can bring out the real sophistication of modern day women. IDISM’s new collection intend to assist such philosophy and take their vision on fashion to another level. Transformation elements are interpreted with technical details while remixing with traditional and sculptural pieces to create a future classic ambiance. A range of vibrant print inspired by James Turrell’s hue act as the foundation of the collection providing the right environment for the viewer and wearer to sense their body/ mind sensing and at the same time to create an area of imagination.